Isle of Gamers - Pathfinder Society

Santa Clara, CA, US

Isle of Gamers ● 2740 El Camino Real ● Santa Clara, CA

Welcome to the newest store in the Bay Area Pathfinder Society family

Visit the Isle of Gamers homepage!

We play PFS RPG every Thursday night at 6:30pm in the brand new Isle of Gamers store (across the road from Illusive Comics and Games, its sister store).

If you have any questions, just let us know (via the 'email the organizer' link to the left).

For Pathfinder Society RPG, we offer CORE and NORMAL (Classic) games. CORE games are restricted to the Core Rulebook, Guild Guide and Character Traits resources. NORMAL games are open to any legal resources (see the resource links below).

If you have suggestions about which scenarios or modules you would like to play or GM, email the organizers. We love having more GMs and players join in the fun and will be happy to accommodate your requests!

The store stocks many Pathfinder items, including the Core Rulebook, dice, and also many other games. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask the friendly store staff. In most cases, the store can order anything you need.

Isle of Gamers has a loyalty card program and our GMs get double points if they buy items in the store.

There is no table fee to play Pathfinder Society RPG.

Come and join us! We won't bite you, but the monsters probably will!!

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