Iowa Gamers Association

West Des Moines, IA, US


4/1/17 6:00 pm Legends of Arcanis

4/8/17 6:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 8-12 Tyranny of Winds pt. 3 - Caught in the Eclipse (3-7)

4/15/17 6:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 8-13 What Sleeps in Stone (7-11)

4/22/17 6:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 8-14 To Seal the Shadow (1-5)


We will also be offering Pathfinder Society at Arkham Games in Ankeny on the following dates.


4/2/17 1:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 1-35 Voice in the Void (1-7)

4/16/17 1:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 1-38 No Plunder, No Pay (7-11)

4/30/17 1:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 1-56 The Jester's Fraud (5-9)

5/14/17 1:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 2-01 Before the Dawn pt. 1 - The Bloodcove Disguise (1-7)

5/28/17 1:00 pm Pathfinder Society Scenario 2-02 Before the Dawn pt. 2 - Rescue at Azlangt Ridge (1-7)


Event mustering will start 15 minutes before the scheduled event.

Please sign up for events no later than Thursday evening before our scheduled events. Failure to do so will put you on the waitlist and if there are no openings on a table to play we will have to turn players away, starting with those on the waitlist. 

IGA meets Saturdays at Mayhem Comics in West Des Moines, Iowa at 6 pm, unless listed differently on our monthly schedule. Meetings exclude holidays or store closings.



Iowa Gamers Association (IGA) was established on May 25, 2002 dedicated to providing the best experience in role-playing & gaming in Iowa, bringing together a variety of players from around the state for an enjoyable night of gaming. Our primary focus is On-Going Tournament Campaigns supported by the RPGA or Organized Play groups. These campaigns include the ever growing Pathfinder Society, Witch Hunter: Dark Provedince and the Shattered Empires Role Playing Game. On-Going Tournament Campaigns are designed to be played by people throughout the world. Tournament Campaign material is not our only focus. Other games played by our members include Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars Saga RPG, The Dresden Files RPG, D20 Modern, World of Darkness, the Three Dragon Ante Card Game and various other games.

IGA does not require membership to play in any event and guests are welcome. RPGA or Organized Play membership may be required for sanctioned events however registration cards are available upon request at our meetings. To become an active member of our online Yahoo group, including notifications of upcoming events, we require your first name and home state be listed in your yahoo profile when applying for membership, see link below.

A schedule of events may be found at Mayhem Collectibles, by clicking on the Event Schedule link above, or by contacting us at the yahoo goup, IAGamersAssociation.