Heroic Gaming Extra Life Charity Event

May 12-13 in Roswell, GA, US

This event is over.

Registration is now closed. Walk-ins are welcomed!

Heroic Gaming LLC has graciously agreed to host a seventeen-hour charity event for Extra Life Charity. This will be an excellent way to learn to play, and meet people in the D&D community. We will have adventures during both days for beginner to veteran players.  There is a $5 fee, however DMs who participate in the event do not have to pay. All proceeds will be given to Extra Life. 

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You've never played a D&D? Fine. We will teach you.
What do I bring? Nothing, just you.
What ages can come? 8 and up.
What does it cost? $5


The adventures featured are:

DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny Deaths

CORE 1-1 A Scream in the Night

CORE 1-2 A Cog in the Wheel

CORE 1-3 A Hole in the World

ELM 1-1 The Sage of Cormanthor

ELM 1-2 Seeking That Which is Lost

ELM 1-3 The Battle of Elmwood

PHLAN 1-1 Sepulture

PHLAN 1-2 Enemy of my Enemy

PHLAN 1-3 Subterfuge

DDEP06-01 Relics of Khundrukar

Raffle Drawings

We will be having raffle drawings during each slot. DMs will be entered in the drawing for each slot DMed. Players will be automatically entered in the raffle one time. DMs and players may donate $5 for extra entries for the raffle.

Slot1- Apple TV box- 32 GB Provided by Costoda's Coding Monkeys
Slot2- iPad Mini- 32 GB Provided by Hopkins LeBeau LLP
Slot3- iPad Mini- 32GB Provided by Costoda's Coding Monkeys
Slot4- Tales from the Yawning Portal 

Kid's Table

There will be a kid's table for ages 8-13 during the first three slots. Parental supervision is not required for these tables. The only exception to play at other tables will be if a parent/guardian is participating at the same table. 

Magic Item Swap Meet

We will have signups for a magic item swap meet to facilitate player-to-player item trades.

Here are the rules that cover player-to-player trades:

Characters are allowed to trade permanent magic items received in official D&D Adventurers League play with one another, or even with themselves (i.e. between two characters of a single player). A certificate is not required to facilitate this trade, but if the item bears a certificate, it must either be traded or destroyed.
If trading with another character playing in the same game session as you, the trade may be completed without expending downtime days. Otherwise, each participant in a given trade must spend 15 downtime days to complete the trade.
Upon completing the trade, an entry must be created on each character's log sheet indicating who they traded with (and their DCI number if they have one), the item traded away, and the item received in exchange. Magic items can't be given away to another character; a permanent magic item must be received in return.
Furthermore, permanent magic items may only be traded for permanent magic items of like rarity (i.e. uncommon for uncommon, rare for rare, etc.). If the item’s rarity is in question, the Dungeon Master’s Guide or other official, published D&D product, is considered to be the deciding resource.

We will have a board where you can list a magic item you HAVE and a magic item you WANT.  Fill that out with the item, the rarity, and your name, and what you want in trade. The coordinators will try to set up matches, and you're encouraged to find your own matches.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks will be sold at Heroic Gaming. There are also many resturants and fast-food places near by. Please do not bring outside food and drinks within the store.

You can also join the discussion on Facebook! LINK


The charity event will be held at Heroic Gaming right off of Highway 92.
Heroic Gaming
4651 Woodstock Rd. Suite 205
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 709-4376