Heretic Games PFS Night

San Bruno, CA, US

Year of the Stolen Storm

Heretic Games

442 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Store Phone Number: 650-204-0554

Pathfinder Society: 

Entry Fee: $5 (returned in as a $5 store credit.) GM's get a $5 store credit for volunteering to run a table.

Come join us! Pathfinder Society games are held on Thursday's at 6:00 p.m. Beginners are always welcome. Also, please join the Bay Area Pathfinder Society Group for more information about Society games throughout the Bay Area as well as information regarding local conventions.

As of March 16th, 2017 PFS at Heretic Games will be officially participating in the Regional Support Program! This is an opportunity for players and GMs to receive special boons that would normally be reserved only for play at conventions. 

RSP Rewards

  • Players have a 10% chance per game played at an event to win a boon, which is the same rate as a player at a  convention. Players will have the opportunity to receive a boon by rolling 19-20 on a d20.
  • GMs earn a race boon with different levels of reward. If a GM runs 6 games at qualifying events, they earn Reward A. If they GM 12 games at qualifying locations, they earn Reward B. If they GM 24 games at qualifying events over the course of the year, they earn Reward C.

Iconic Pathfinder Characters

Player instructions: Try to arrive a few minutes early so you can pay and unpack.

GM instructions: You will need to buy your own copy of the scenario PDF on the Paizo website. You will also need to bring your own maps, minis, etc. Try to arrive a few minutes early to get set up.

Cancellation Policy: If you sign up for a game and cannot make it, please remove yourself from the sign-ups. 

Grand Lodge