Character levels 1-4

Written by Greg Marks

Amid the gales and snowy Earthspur Mountains, the tumbling ruins of the ancient Tempest Mage’s tower brood over the village of Windy Valley. When a kidnapper flees into the ruins, it’s up to a group of adventurers to apprehend the rogue and save his victim from the vault below.

A four-hour D&D Adventurers League Convention Created Content adventure for 1st-4th level characters, brought to you by Cold Iron Conventions and Draxtar Games.


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Cleric 3 (Divine Caster)
Fighter 3 (Striker - Melee)
Warlock 1 (Arcane Caster)
Sorcerer 2 (Arcane Caster)
Ranger 3 (Archer)
Barbarian 4 (Tank)
Fighter 3