Character levels 8-15

The Cult of the Dragon reigns! A band of heroic adventurers made a last-ditch effort to stop the ascension of the Queen of Dragons -- and they failed!
Freed from the Nine Hells and loosed on Toril, Tiamat's divine power grows ever outward from the Well of Dragons as nation after nation begin to crumble under the rage of dragons. The Maimed Virulence rules unopposed in Phlan, Iymrith's armies push deep into the High Forest, and Arauthator keeps the dwarves of Ironmaster under the tightest of blockades.
In a clandestine council hidden in Waterdeep, the metallic dragons and their demihuman allies gather to plan for war and dispatch adventurers across Faerun. But why would representatives of the chromatic dragons -- devout worshipers of Tiamat herself -- join with the council?
"The Reign of Tiamat" is a thematic remix of hardcover adventure "The Rise of Tiamat", for levels 8-15. The encounters, monsters, and rewards are the same as in "Rise", but the plot is inverted. Will your group of brave adventurers end the Tyranny of Dragons at long last -- by rescuing the Dragon Queen herself?
This is an ongoing, sandbox mini-campaign running in January and February. Newcomers are welcome as space permits, although priority is given to regular attendees. Persuasion, Intimidation, Insight, and History will be useful skills, and fluency in Draconic will help a lot.


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