Mar 3-5 in Savannah, GA, US

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Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

Friday, Mar 3, 8pm-1am (GMT-08)
Indie RPG
Written by Calvin Corn

Your Heroic Journey Begins...
It is the dawn of a dark, new Age for the Hellenes and their allies. An ancient enemy has returned from beyond the stars, threatening to destroy everything the Hellenes hold dear. Facing insurmountable odds against dark foes who can smash entire planets, the peoples of the known worlds have raised their voices to pray to the Twelve Gods.
The Gods have answered.
You are one of the Heroes who has been chosen to drive back the dark menace that threatens the galaxy. With heroic resolve, strength, and skill, you will win the war and be placed among the stars for all to see your Glory!
Follow your Destiny!
HELLAS is an epic space opera in the style of ancient Greek culture and legend. Every player character is a Hero in a story that you will help create, with the power to influence the settings and elements of the game. HELLAS spans multiple generations, allowing for the continuation of the epic story even after the death of a Hero, in the style of the epic poets of old.

HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone


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