Gateway 2017

Sep 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA, US

This event is over.

Strategicon Presents - Gateway 2017

Update 8/29:  The Warhorn is now closed!  We will seat walk-ups at the con as we have seats available.

Update 8/24:  The lottery for the DDAO events has been concluded.  The DDAO events are now loaded here, and winners have been assigned to those seats. Please do not sign up for those games.

Sessions of Lost Tales of Myth Drannor have been added.  We have a very limited number of copies of this adventure to run, and do not expect to be adding additional tables beyond those currently listed.  Please sign up for at most one session of Lost Tales.  If you sign up for multiple sessions, we will contact you and ask you to pick one.  If we cannot reach you promptly, we will pick one for you.  In the event that not all of these sessions fill up from preregistration, we will accept signups at the con, first come first served, for any remaining seats.

Strategicon offers a cornucopia of gaming opportunities, with board, card, computer, miniature, and roleplaying games at every convention and themes including historical, fantasy, and science fiction. This warhorn site is specifically for organization of Role Players Gaming Association (RPGA). To register for the convention, find hotel and location details and learn about other fine gaming opportunities, please go to Official Strategicon site. Location of RPGA and mustering: LAX Hilton Hotel, Plaza B in the lower lobby.

Adventurers League

The D&D Adventurers League, and all the programs supporting it, is focused on allowing you and your groups have great adventures through a thematic, cohesive storyline. Our current storyline is Tales of the Yawning Portal.  What you’ll find through the different programs is a connection to the main storyline, whether it’s direct or a little more subtle. Once we’ve finished with one storyline, we’ll start up a new one. You can then make a choice to continue to play your existing character or create a new one for the next storyline. It’s up to you.

Our D&D storylines are taking place in the Forgotten Realms, our most popular and richest D&D world. Your characters will journey to different areas of Faerûn to find adventure and deal with the threats of the current storyline.

We are very pleased to be welcoming special guests Robert Adducci  and Claire Hoffman to Gateway this year.  Robert is the Adventurers League Community Manager, and Claire is the Adventurers League Assistant Content Manager.  They will be offereing a limited number of sessions of their special AO adventures.  

In addtion to the special events Robert and Claire will be running, our headliner adventures are:

Keep on the Borderlands.  This series of 8 2-hour adventures for characters level 1-4 runs on Saturday and Sunday and concludes with an EPIC capstone on Sunday afternoon.

DDEP06-03 Hecatomb.  The final Season 6 Epic -- this adventure for character levels 11-20 is set in the underdark, where dark forces seek to bring a terrible darknesss into Faerun.

DDEP07-01 Peril at the Port.  Pirates are making for Port Nyanzaru by land and sea.  Pick up an yklwah, climb aboard a dinosaur, or man the walls, but don't let those rapscallions into the city!

New players welcome, with adventures suitable for new characters running in all time slots. Look for the "Tier 1" offerings.


Sign up early on warhorn to get a good spot at a table! This will allow us to schedule enough judges for all the players. We will have some contingencies for walk in judges if you're just not sure that you can commit to a slot.


LAX Hilton (Second Floor)
5711 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045