Gateway 2017 Adventurers League AO Lottery

Sep 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA, US

This event is over.

Update:  This website is closed now.  Thanks to everyone who entered. Winners were announced in the LAX and SFV AL FB Groups at the links listed below, and have been added to the corresponding events on the main Warhorn for Gateway 2017.

This website is a lottery to award seats in the Adventurers League DDAO events at Gateway 2017. Please read the following rules carefully:

1) Signing up for the events on this website enters you into a lottery for one of six seats in each of the corresponding DDAO events running at Gateway 2017 in Los Angeles. Order of signups does not matter. Everyone signed up to enter the lottery for a given event will have an equal chance to play in that event.

2) Only one registration per person. Multiple warhorn IDs must represent multiple unique individuals, each of whom will be attending Gateway 2017. Any individual found to be signing up under multiple warhorn ID’s will be deemed ineligible to play in any of these events. If you have two people who share a single E-mail address, for example, you may wish to clarify in your “registration notes” who the separate individuals are.

3) There are six different time slots where one or more DDAO events is being offered. Sign up for the lottery for as many time slots as you want. I.e. you are welcome to enter the lottery for an event on Friday afternoon, another on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, etc. However if there are two different DDAO events running in the same time slot, you will need to pick one to sign up for.

For example, both DDAO 15 and DDAO 16 are running on Friday afternoon 9/1. You may sign up to enter the lottery for one or the other of these, but not both. You may wish to consider how many people are signed up for one or the other, when selecting which one you would like to try to play.

4) Each person will be limited to participating in no more than one DDAO event at Gateway 2017, in order to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to play in one. So once you’ve been selected in a lottery to play in a particular event, you will be removed from the lotteries for any other events that you have entered.

5) The non-DDAO events are premustering at the main warhorn site for Gateway 2017, which is Please sign up at that link for the games you want to play or DM, assuming that you don’t get in to any of the DDAOs. Once the DDAO lotteries are concluded, we’ll make adjustments to the main warhorn.

6) If you wish, a group may request to play together. That group will be treated as a single entry for that DDAO session, and will either all get to play, or none. If your entry is randomly selected AND there are enough unfilled seats remaining to seat you all at the time your entry is picked, you will all get to play – otherwise, the seats will be awarded to the next entry or entries randomly selected until all seats are filled.

This does not improve your chances of getting to play. But if it’s important for you to play with your group, you may wish to request this. Send an E-mail to me, preferably with the title “DDAO Grouping request” specifying the names of the players and the time slots being signed up for. If you don’t have my personal E-mail address, use the “E-mail the organizer” option on the warhorn, and it will send me one.

7) Signups will close on Thursday 8/24 at 6 p.m. This website will be locked at or around that time. Later that evening, I will randomly select 6 players for each event from all those signed up, using my Excel RNG. One standby will also be selected. (Standbys for one event are not precluded from being selected to play in a different event.) Winners will be announced in the LAX and SFV AL FB groups and also notified via E-mail, at the E-mail address provided when they registered on this site.

8) Winning entries are non-transferrable. I.e. you are entering for your own personal opportunity to play. If for some reason you are unable to play in an event for which you have been awarded a seat, you cannot transfer that seat to a friend. The opportunity will instead be given to the first person who is on standby. If more than one person has to cancel, additional standbys will be randomly selected at that time from the remaining people who had entered, if possible -- otherwise one will be randomly selected at the con.

If you have any questions about these rules, threads are being started in the LAX and SFV D&D AL groups.

Feel free to join these groups if you’re not already a member, ask any questions there, and I will do my best to answer them promptly.

 Fred Upton