Fields of Honor 2017

Sep 29 - Oct 1 in Johnston, IA, US

This event is over.

Fields of Honor 2017 (Organized Play sign up) Has Been Cancelled


 Regretfully at this time I am unable to continue to offer Pathfinder Society or Starfinder Society at Fields of Honor 2017 this year. I just do not have enough volunteers who can change their schedule to the new dates for the Convention so closed to it to accommodate what was planned. As such I am shutting down the Warhorn page for this convention. If you still with to attend the convention, Todd Gustafson is going to offer a table of the Pathfinder Scenarios on Saturday and the module Godsmouth Heresy on Sunday. If not, then I recommend you contact the administrators for Fields of Honor at their website to see what can be done for you.