FallsCon 2017

Dec 1-3 in Saint Croix Falls, WI, US

This event is over.

Falls Con 2017 is a convention focused on Adventurers League adventures (mods)- 5th Edition D&D.

Falls Con will be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin, practically right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, and just off Highway 8 on the top of the hill. For those of you in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, it is about an hour drive Northeast.

The Falls Con name is based off the twin towns of Saint Croix Falls, WI and Taylors falls, MN- the area in which the convention is held.

Preregistration for the convention will be $37.00 for the whole weekend(this option is no longer available- try the pay at the door option instead.). The full weekend cost will be $45.00 if you pay at the door. If you want to pay per day, it will be $25.00 for Saturday, and $15 for Friday or Sunday. We will be running several gaming slots- from 3pm on Friday the 1st, to 4pm on Sunday the 3rd.

We will once again host Fai-Chen's trading post, as well as some regional preview mods(a few days early)- DDAL07-06 Fester and Burn, 7-07 Rotting Roots, and 7-08 Putting the Dead to Rest. The Schedule is up! We will be offering Season 7 modules and CCC Modules(all featuring the Death Curse), and I will be adding a track of non-death-curse season 1-6 catch up modules soon! Please pay attention to your schedule, as some of the slots do overlap!

We will need DMs! We couldn't run a convention without them! There will be prize support for DMs, free pop/water/snacks, and $5 back per slot run- or if you are willing to DM 14+ hours worth of mods, the convention registration cost will be waived! (But still, please register for slots on warhorn as a DM, if you could- Let me know!) 

Fai-Chen's tentative schedule will be 5pm on Friday, Noon on Saturday, and Noon(if needed) on Sunday.

There is a facebook event page if you want to discuss anything, including getting a table of Season 1-6 catch-up mods: https://www.facebook.com/events/1767610973267495/

Thank you! May all your hits be crits!