EverCon: Play games. Support education.

Apr 26-27, 2014 in Wheatridge, CO, US

This event is over.

EverCon is a fundraising event for Everitt Middle School.  All proceeds will support the Music Department and other academic areas that are suffering a budget shortfall.  What better way to support education than having a good time?  You might even learn something at our gaming tables.

EverCon will take place April 26th - 27th, 2014.

For full details on this event, go to our website and then return to Warhorn to register.


Online Registration Tips:

1. If you are new Warhorn site, click "Join Now" to setup an account.  (Skip to #3 if already a member of Warhorn.)

2. Click on the link in the Warhorn confirmation email to finalize your account.

3. Return to Warhon and log-in.  

4. Click the "Register for this event" button.

5. Select a pass type:

  • Are you an adult attendee who is NOT a school staff member (at any K-12)? Select: Unlimited Games - Full Weekend, General Public OR Unlimited Games - One   Day, General Public
  • Are you a K-12 student or staff member (at a school other than Everitt)?  Select: Unlimited Games - Full Weekend, K-12 Student or Staff 
  • Do you want to attend to supervise a minor or otherwise attend but NOT participate in games?  Select:  EverCon General Admission - All Ages
  • Are you an Everitt student or staff member? Select: Everitt Individual Unlimited Weekend Gaming Pass
  • Are you an Everitt student or staff member and want to bring your family?  Select: Everitt Family Pass Unlimited Gaming Full Weekend.  (Good for up to 4 people.)

WAIT!  Do you want to attend EverCon AfterHours on Saturday night?  Be sure to add that option as well.  

WAIT AGAIN! Do you want to purchase raffle tickets in advance?  You can add tickets in increments of 6 and 30.  A voucher will be waiting for you at check-in.

6.  Make your payment by clicking "Pay $ with PayPal" once you've selected your pass. (Don't have PayPal?  Or prefer another method? Send a message to evercondenver@gmail.com.

7.  You may stop here, or with any Unlimited Games registration, reserve a spot in up to 8 scheduled games for free.  Reservations are optional.  Click on Event Schedule.  (Remember to check back often for new games!)  Click the "Play" button to reserve seats.

Questions?  Email us at evercondenver@gmail.com

Prefer to register in-person?  You can do so at the door or attend any of our Signup Game Days listed here and we will be happy to help.