Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
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Character levels 11-16

Written by Jeremy Hochhalter

Klondras Imdree’s necromancer master has been stopped, but the undead illithid is still at large, and is one step closer to claiming the Book of Vile Darkness as his own.
Heroes are called on to go after the mad mindflayer and to stop him at all costs.
A 4-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 14.

A Vile Wake premiered at Holiday Around the Moonsea in November 2018, and is the follow-up adventure to CCC-HATMS02-02 Something Vile This Way Comes. The duo of adventures are a tie-in to HATMS02-01 Illithid Activity by Joel Marsh. While players do not need to play through Illithid Activity, I of course recommend picking that module up for your Tier 2 players!

Chris V's Shadow Over Hillsfar

Several disappearances in the area surrounding Hillsfar have prompted a request for investigation. It is feared that a force or perhaps even forces are using the exodus of non-humans from Hillsfar as an easy means of kidnapping or worse.

A sorcerer and representative of the non-humans around Hillsfar, Calypsar has requested a group of worthy adventurers to undergo the investigation.

These adventures will take the group to surrounding areas of Hillsfar and the Underdark beneath them. Fiends, aberrations and more await as they uncover an eldritch plot casting its shadow casting its shadow over the entire area.

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