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Character levels 11-16

Written by Greg Marks

The time has come for the brave and the bold to put an end to the machinations of Maerimydra’s demonic occupiers and their fiendish fire giant ruler. This will be no mean feat; the city is a cesspit of corruption and madness. You will have help, however, as an unlikely group of allies have gathered to your side in the Underdark beneath Faerûn. Danger, glory, and redemption await those brave enough to seize it.

An 8-hour adventure for 11th-16th level characters (optimized for APL 13)

Chris V's Shadow Over Hillsfar

Part 2 of this Mod

Several disappearances in the area surrounding Hillsfar have prompted a request for investigation. It is feared that a force or perhaps even forces are using the exodus of non-humans from Hillsfar as an easy means of kidnapping or worse.

A sorcerer and representative of the non-humans around Hillsfar, Calypsar has requested a group of worthy adventurers to undergo the investigation.

These adventures will take the group to surrounding areas of Hillsfar and the Underdark beneath them. Fiends, aberrations and more await as they uncover an eldritch plot casting its shadow casting its shadow over the entire area.

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