Epic Adventures at Cairnhill CC

23 Sep in Singapore, SG-01, SG

This event is over.

Have Dice Will Travel is hosting it's first Epic Adventure, Crypt of Kryptgarden. It's tailored for adventurer's from level 1 to 4, so if you're new and interested in Dungeons & Dragons, come on by. The event will be hosted at Cairnhill Community Club located at 1 Anthony Rd. The event will run alongside the BGM meetup where boardgames will be the star of the event, so there's a lot of things to do once you're there.

Prep your character sheets for one of the largest D&D events to be held in Singapore. Are you ready?


Event Schedule
11am - Registration and Character Generation for new players
11.40am - Introduction
12noon - Part 1 begins
1.45pm - Break
2.15pm - The adventure resumes
4pm - End of the adventure!