Enter the Revengers!

26-28 Jan in Canberra, ACT, AU

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A free participation game at Cancon 2018. For more about Cancon see their webpage here: http://www.cgs.asn.au/cancon/

You play one of the Revengers, a group of suspiciously familiar superheroes, in three loosely linked adventures. Each adventure will be run twice, with a morning and afternoon session each day, and will run for about 4 hours.

On the Friday, in VIPER at My Bosom, the Revengers are called in to help with a hostage situation at a local UNTIL base.

On Saturday, in Unlimited Supervillain Fighting Competition, the heroes must track down some missing heroes before they are forced into a fight to the death.

On Sunday, in Quake, Rattle, and Roll, a villain is stealing cutting edge technology. The heroes must track them down before they can complete their doomsday weapon.

The game is an RPG using the HERO Game System. Each adventure is for up to six players and uses pre-generated characters. No system knowledge required! Each adventure will help build system understanding. There’s no requirement to play previous adventures.