Dungeons & Dragon's Milk at Teku Tavern

Nov 30 in Seattle, WA, US

Over 21 event as this is in a Tavern.

Teku Tavern in Seattle is getting their hands on the limited supply of Dragon’s Milk, a very nice alcoholic beverage, and what better way to have this than to invite folks who have make believe PC’s that spend their times in taverns. So while your PC’s drink, you can too.

On tap for playing will be not 1, but 2 tables of delicious Tier 4 play in DDAL00-02-F Lost Tales of Myth Drannor (Tier 4 Chapter). Get it while it lasts.

Also on tap, will be DDHC-TOA-6 Heart of the Wild. A new Guild Adept Tier 2 Adventurer, where you are helping Artus Cimbar. 1 Table.

For Tier 1. 3 tables. Some nice beginning adventures in the TOA Season.

1 for DDHC-TOA-2 The Snout of Omgar.

2 for DDHC-TOA-4 Cellar of Death

So sign on up. Playing starts at 7:00pm.