Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy Pathfinder Society Meetup

Austin, TX, US

Dragon's Lair Austin Pathfinder Society!

Also home to the Dragon's Lair Pathfinder Ultimate Game Day events!

The Dragon's Lair Austin Pathfinder Society meets every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 pm. We usually field four or more tables with six player spaces each. Currently we're running Season 6 scenarios as they come out and everything else to fill the gaps. If you have a scenario request, email our Event Coordinator at dlaevents@dlair.net or pfskenf@gmail.com. 

The Pathfinder Ultimate Game Day is a free event run quarterly by Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy in Austin, TX. We run multiple five-hour slots of Pathfinder Society sanctioned modules and scenarios from multiple seasons, for a full day of wall to wall gaming! There will also be FREE PRIZES!

Check out our full schedule here for regular Pathfinder Society play and stay tuned for future events!