Starfinder & Pathfinder Society at the Dice Dojo

Chicago, IL, US

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Welcome to Starfinder & Pathfinder Society at the Dice Dojo in Chicago!

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Who are we? We're the brave adventurers who meet every Monday night to play Pathfinder Society games at the Chicagoland Games: Dice Dojo in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, 5550 North Broadway.

We're always welcoming to new players so feel free to stop by, we'll try to find space for you to play. Check out our sechedule and sign up to play! If you're new to Pathfinder Society please visit the official Paizo Pathinder Society page for more information.

If the Dojo isn't easy for you to get to, or your Monday evenings are not free, check out the other Chicago area Pathfinder Society lodges.

Elysium Games in Evanston

Games Plus in Mt. Prospect

Ballydoyle in Downer's Grove

Blackstone Branch, Chicago Public Library in Chicago, Kenwood area