Detroit Metro Pathfinder Society

Metropolitan Detroit, MI, US

Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society (1st edition)
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Character levels 3-7

Written by Ron Lundeen

Six years ago, the Pathfinder Society narrowly avoided disaster at an archeological excavation in the Terwa Uplands. The expedition recovered and resumed its work, and at long last they have learned what the ancient culture had hoped to guard. That’s when all correspondence ended. Fearing the excavation may be besieged once more, the Society has sent the PCs to save who they can, salvage what they must, and uncover a secret that has lain buried outside Bloodcove for millennia.

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Starfinder Starfinder Society Starship
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Character levels 1-4

Written by Kiel Howell

The ant-like formians of Castrovel’s colonies are a reclusive species who've only recently made peace with their enemies, the lashuntas. As part of the ongoing peace, the formians have admitted a small number of outsiders to participate in a reenactment of a famous moment in formian history. The PCs are among these privileged few participants, but they soon realize that there are other forces that want the reenactment to fail, tearing apart the peaceful coexistence of formians and lashuntas with it. It's up to the PCs to ensure these shadowy trespassers don't succeed!

Released August 2019.

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