CritCon 2014

Nov 8, 2014 in Columbus, OH, US

This event is over.

CritCon is a single day gaming convention hosted by Critical glitch podcasters. The goal of the convention is to have fun play some games and help those in need.

Critical Con is set to help the Mid-Ohio Food Bank raise money and food for those in need. Last year we generated 262 pounds of food items, which equates to 262 meals. This year we have expanded to accept money instead of canned goods. One pound of canned goods will create a meal for one person, for every $1.00 raised generated 4 meals.. 

Why we picked the Mid-Ohio Food Bank 

Registration is just $5.00 that goes to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank  just place CritCon 2014 in the comments section. Of course we will always accept 5 non-parishable items as addmission as well.

It's not too late to submit events either.