Pathfinder & Starfinder Society at The Common Room

Bloomington, IN, US

Season 9 continues!

Weekly PFS & SFS games hosted by Common Room Games!

223 S. Pete Ellis Drive, Bloomington, IN, 47408

Sign up for a spot at a table online! - or -

GMs: GMs may sign up to GM games as soon as games are posted (new games will be posted two Saturdays in advance)

PLAYERS: Players may sign up to play games two weeks in advance starting at 10pm on Mondays.  This will be on the honor system, but if the VO staff sees early signups, we may delete you from the table without notice.

PFS - PLEASE only sign up for a Monday *or* a Saturday table for each week.  But, if there are still open seats less than one week in advance of another day, go for it!

SFS - PLEASE only sign up for an afternoon *or* an evening game each week.  If here are still open seats less than 1-2 days in advance and you want to play a repeatable adventure multiple times in a row, go for it!

Come out and play - it's only $2 to play for 4 awesome RPG-filled hours!

Note - If you cannot attend a game you have signed up for and know a day or more in advance please remove your sign-up from Warhorn.  If you cannot attend a game but only find out the same day, you must call the store 812-333-GAME (4263) to cancel your registration.