Pathfinder Society at Council of Five Nations 2016

Sep 23-25, 2016 in Schenectady, NY, US

This event is over.

THIS EVENT IS OVER. You can find more great games scheduled at the Upstate New York Pathfinder Lodge Warhorn schedule.

Welcome to the home of Pathfinder Society Organized Play at Council of Five Nations 2016! Come join us September 23rd through 25th for three days of action, intrigue, and adventure in the world of Golarion as we celebrate The Year of the Stolen Storm! The convention is just around the corner! If you haven't yet, go sign up for your games!

Please take a moment to visit our hosting convention's website to preregister for events. You can also find more information about Pathfinder Society play in the region by visiting the Upstate New York Pathfinder Lodge's regular schedule, or joining the discussion on our Facebook group.

Any gamemasters that want to run a Special scenario (6-98 Serpents Rise, 7-98 Serpents' Ire, 7-99 Through the Maelstrom Rift, or 8-00 The Cosmic Captive), please contact Sam ( for special scheduling information.

Interested in more Pathfinder conventions? Check out our friends at Carnage on the Mountain and TotalCon!