Coulee Con 2016

Aug 26-28, 2016 in La Crosse, WI, US

This event is over.

Coulee Con

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Coulee Con is a gaming convention held in La Crosse, WI. La Crosse lies near the spot where Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin meet geographically. Only hours from Minneapolis and Madison, and a few more from Chicago and Milwaukee, Coulee Con is a great place for friends to meet.

Coulee Con supports all forms of gaming including Living Campaigns, Tabletop Boardgames, LARPS, video games, Miniature Battle Grounds, RPGs, traditional and new.

Organized play of DnD, Pathfinder, and local favorites like Universal Horizons are well represented and we hope to attract more of these favorites.

Miniature battlegrounds such as Warhammer, X-Wing, Warmachine, and others are held throughout Coulee Con and have prize support beyond the normal company spiffs. Rumors circulate of a prized lightsaber bestowed on the victor of X-Wing and a Battle Trophy for Warmachine last year, but rumblings represent only the hopes and dreams of those willing to challenge the regeime. 

Members of Amtgard LARP entertained many at the 2015 Con and will join us again at the La Crosse Center. Rumors swirl of an event in Riverside park alongside the Mississippi. Sorry, no intentional swimming is allowed. 

Lodging for the convention include Pettibone Resort for camping and RVs, Holiday Inn and many other locations throughout the city.