Concentric Convention March 7-9, Itasca IL

Mar 7-9, 2014 in Itasca, IL, US

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3 Full Days!

Doors open at 8am daily and close at midnight


Holiday Inn Itasca

860 W. Irving Park Road

Itasca IL 60143

Room Reservations are $75.00 per day. Convention rates are separate.

Call 630-773-2340 to make a room booking.

3 Full days of Gaming!

We feature lots of Role Playing including, Pathfinder, LFR, Sparks, Force Campaign, Shadow Run, 7 Seas, Starship Troopers and more.

We also have a full venue of Hero Clix related events and other miniature events for your enjoyment.

We also feature several Board Game events including the Board Game Library, Puffing Billy Tournaments, 18xx Tournaments, teaching games and scheduled board game events.

If you are registered on Warhorn you count as pre-registered.

Pre-reg fees are 3 days (48 hours of gaming time) $30.00

2 days (32 hours of gaming) $25.00

1 day (16 hours of gamng) $15.00

On Site Fees are:

$35.00 3 days

$30.00 2 days

$20.00 1 day.

If you have questions please contact our Show Manager at

Joe Miller

Show Manager