Jan 17-19, 2014 in Austin, TX, US

This event is over.

Chupacabracon Mascot, ChangoWelcome to ChupacabraCon! We are a gaming convention in Austin, Texas featuring roleplaying, tabletop games, panels, special guests, vendors and more.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  On site registration will open at noon on January 17th.  Save time by signing up for an account on Warhorn today.  

ChupacabraCon will be held January 17-19, 2014 at the Hilton Austin Airport.  Live electronic game registration will be available for the entirety of the conference.


For those of you who are coming in from out of town or who just don't want the convention goodness to end, we have special rates for the convention at the Hilton. Use group code CHU or visit:

More Information:

Check out our website,, for all the latest news and real detail for what's in store. We are very excited about this event at the Austin Airport Hilton; the big round building next to Autin Bergstrom Airport.

For vendor, GM, and volunteer information look below. If you have general questions please reach out to us at

To stay up to date on ChupacabraCon news like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter or register at the website,

We are currently accepting applications for vendor/artist space, advertising and sponsorships. For more information contact

GMs and Volunteers

We are accepting GMs and Volunteers for the event. If you volunteer 8 hours of your time as either a GM or a general volunteer we will waive the admission fee. For GMs that is 2 game sessions of 4 hours each. For general volunteers that will generally be 2 shifts of, you guessed it, 4 hours each.


Can't have a gaming convention without games. Can't have games without GMs. We're using the term GM pretty loosely. You don't have to run an RPG. If you have a favorite board or stategy game you want to run, this is for you too. Mind you, all games must fit in the 4 hour timeframe and accomodat up to 8 players. Once you've signed up as a GM email our GMM (Game Master Master... perhaps G(M2)... but I digress) at Send him a description of the game including a unique title, game system (or name for board games) and the number of players. Also be sure to include preferred time slots and your user name on the Warhorn site. He will then get your game set up on the site and you assigned as the GM. He'll also get back to you with any questions. Keep in mind, you don't have to run two different games or scenarios. You can run the same one twice.


Volunteers will help us at the event with such things as the registration desk, clean up and staging between game sessions, helping GMs, guests, and attendees with finding their tables, and generally being an extension of the organizers.

Signing up to be a volunteer or GM could not be simpler; simply select the GM or Volunteer option during sign up.

Special Guests

We have many special guests from the Austin area and all around the country. Check out the list of guests:

Jeff Dee Jeff Dee

Jennifer Rehnay Jennifer Rehnay

Donna Prior Donna Prior

Ben Hamby Ben Hamby

 Ernest Cline

 Ross Watson

 Jason Morningstar

 Steve Kenson

 Shane Ivey

 J Hause

 Jason Durall

 Jamie Chambers

 Leonard Balsera

 Aaron Allston

 Aaron de Orive

 Chris Pramas

 Diesel LaForce

Daniel Burrow Daniel Burrow