Charlotte Crit Con

Jan 27 in Concord, NC, US

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Presented by the Carolina's Organized Role-Playing Society, Charlotte Crit Con is the first, potentially annual mini Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society con being held at the Mighty Meeple in Concord Mills, NC. Thanks to our gracious hosts wanting to promote roleplaying in their store this event has no entry fee, so please be sure to patronize the store a bit while you're here - they have the typical snack foods and drinks alongside a really prodigous collection of boardgaming, wargaming, and roleplaying supplies.  

This is going to be a two slot mini con and we are hoping to have a couple little give aways and things as a thank you for people coming out. New Players are welcome and encouraged as there will be pregenerated characters available and GMs willing to introduce you to both Pathfinder and Organized Play. No supplies or prior experience necessary!

We have endeavoured to schedule pairs of related scenarios to try and make the con a rewarding experience for people who come to both games. 

Address for the store is: 8440 Pit Stop Ct., Concord, North Carolina 28027

If you're local to the area and are interested in more regular gaming please check out our other Warhorn for the CORPS