Champaign-Urbana Pathfinder Society

Urbana, IL, US

Welcome to Champaign-Urbana Pathfinder Society play! We offer local Pathfinder Society games every other Sunday afternoon. You can learn more about the worldwide PFS organized play campaign here.

We've moved! Starting in April, CUPFS game days are hosted at Gopher Mafia Games. You can see the store's event calendar at Join us there and check out the new store.

This Warhorn site helps our GMs prepare and run better games, so please preregister and update your signups in advance if possible. We usually save a seat or two for walk-in players, and can provide pregen characters for players who don't have their own. Available walk-in seats are filled first-come first-served at the start of the event, and are not guaranteed.

If you have questions, email the organizer using the link above. We hope to see you at a future CUPFS event.