Charm City Gameday, Spring 2017

May 20, 2017 in Glen Burnie, MD, US

The invitation, addressed to you, arrived mysteriously, on its own and without someone to deliver it to you. As you break the wax seal imprinted with an image of a sword held aloft and flames, the smell of sulfur and ozone reaches your nose. The invitation reads:

"The Ambassador of the Infinite Embassy of the Kingdom Down Below, cordially invites you to be his Honored Guest at a gala he is hosting at the Embassy this upcoming Friday evening. He wishes for you to enjoy his hospitality freely, without any expectations upon you or your person while you are his Guest. It is also his wish to speak with you privately once the gala has completed and the rest of the guests have been seen to. Please present this invitation to the door attendant when you arrive to ensure that there are no miscommunications between yourself and the staff of the Embassy."

With the personal guarantee of the Ambassador, you find yourself at the doors to the Embassy, curious to see what it is he wishes to speak to you about.

Ages 10+, no experience needed. Dresden Files Accelerated is the newest incarnation of the Dresden Files Roleplaying Gaming using the Fate Accelerated ruleset.


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