Charm City Gameday, Spring 2017

May 20, 2017 in Glen Burnie, MD, US

The year is 1861 and super powered people were revealed to the world last year when a group of super powered individuals devastated both the north and the south armies (and the surround land for hundreds of miles) so badly it forced the USA and CSA to declare a truce before another wasteland was created. In the wake of failed unification, Texas, The American Indians, and China all decided to stake a claim on part of western America. All of this results in continental America being broken into multiple regions, all trying to hold their own.

As one of the people who has super powers, do you now show your true nature? Do you keep it hidden? And finally, do you try to help mankind or leave them to their fate?

Ages 12+, no experience needed. The Cowboys and Capes setting is still in the design phase using the Fate Accelerated ruleset, and you can help shape its future. Pen and paper is recommended but not required. Bringing your own Fate/Fudge dice earns a bonus starting Fate Point!


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