26-28 Jan in Canberra, ACT, AU

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Welcome to Pathfinder Society Canberra Conventions!

PFS?SFS@Cancon 2018

Another Australia Day Long Weekend another Cancon!  As it's close to the start of the year, we have many low-level scenarios on offer for the newer players, but that doesn't mean there's no high-level content. Scenarios from older and the latest seasons are on offer. Fees are 10 dollars a day, payable to the event organiser on the day.

Canberra Pathfinder Society Events

In addition to our large Pathfinder Society Conventions, there are many regular events held throughout the year. For more information about our regular events please head to

Scenario listings are now live. Signups are not open yet to allow gm allocation. If you wish to gm anything, email the organiser so you can be allocated. Once that is completed, player signups will be made available.