Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society (1st edition)
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Character levels 1-99

Go ahead and sign up with a character level in mind! Once a few people sign up, we'll send e-mails and figure out what everyone wants to play!


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Pathfinder 2nd Edition Pathfinder Society (2nd edition)
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Character levels 1-4

Written by Kalervo Oikarinen

In the heart of the River Kingdoms, revolution and turmoil boil just beneath the surface. The PCs are called to investigate rumors of an old, abandoned Pathfinder Lodge, but discover that their investigation leads them into a firestorm of danger and intrigue. What starts as a simple task becomes a revolution sweeping a nation, and the PCs' actions will inevitably shape the future of an entire kingdom.

Released November 2019.

Maps used: Pathfinder Map-Pack: Palace, Ruined Village

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