Bookwyrm RPG Convention 2017

Apr 1-2, 2017 in Fresno, CA, US

Dresden Files Accelerated merges the wizardly awesomeness of the Dresden Files RPG with the sleek, story-based, rules-lite Fate Accelerated system. Prepare for FATE-powered roleplaying made easy in the world of Jim Butcher's best selling novels!

The dead are restless and chill breezes sweep from Nevernever across a thin veil, Fomor haunt the waterways and stalk those with magical abilities. Wolves slash through the night, leaving corpses so dismembered that futility faces the police who come across the victims. In the shadows lurk The Devoted, but none know what shadowy purpose they work toward.

Against these forces stand The Routers: Dr. Genevieve Ba (a vampiric healer), Astrid Colombe (NOLA’s den mother), Marie St. Pierre (a naga changling), Sean McAvoy (a retired Bureaumancer) and Gabriel Beaumont (a retired knight of the cross).

The fate of New Orleans lies ahead in bloody struggle; none can foresee which faction will seize the ways—or if the restless spirits and potent poltergeists will bring the peace of the dead to the city.

*Game System: Dresden Files Accelerated


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