BobCon 2016

Apr 22-24, 2016 in Kansas City, KS, US

This event is over.

BobCon 2016

BobCon is a small annual gaming convention held in Kansas City each year. It's more of a gamer's retreat: no vendors, limited seating, and a very limited entry fee.

When and where is it?

BobCon will be held at the Oak Tree Inn for the first time this year, near I-35 and Rainbow at 501 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66103.

For location details and lodging information see the BobCon website at

What exactly is BobCon anyway?

It's three days of pure gaming satisfaction. Board games? BobCon's got ‘em. Role-playing games? Check! Card, strategy or video games? Check, check and check! But it's also more than that. Each year we have other activities that provide a great opportunity for folks to get together and have fun. From our signature events like Friday night's Wine Tasting, Saturday's Farmers' Market Cook-Off, and Sunday morning's Political Roundtable to children's activities like Hide and Go Seek, movies, and Wii Sports Resort, there really is something for everyone.

The vibe at BobCon is small and intimate. Seating is limited.There are no dealers or vendors, everyone runs a game, and everyone has a great time. There are both scheduled and pick-up games of just about anything. There's a microwave and fridge in the kitchen, and everyone brings food and drinks to share. If you can't bring something to share, you can still eat and drink, just put some money in the Honesty Jar and we'll use it to repay folks who brought stuff.


Come by and join in on one of these quick games: Dominion, Witches Brew, Great Wall, For Sale, Cat. 5, and many, many more... We will also have a check out table for games that run a bit longer. There are tons of pick-up games for board and card games, but also a number of role playing games, miniatures games, and pre-scheduled marquee events. We'll have the upstairs set aside for running movies and video games. Bring your own, or check one out from our library. If you bring your own games or movies, make sure to label them so they don't get mixed with others'.

Pricing and Pre-registration

The cost for players/participants is only $10 per day or $20 for the whole three-day weekend. If you aren't playing a game or participating in an event then you pay nothing. Also, children 15 and under cost nothing. There is no discount for paying early or for running games... if you are coming, we assume you are running an event. ;) You can pay during pre-registraion here at Warhorn, or at the door.

Event Submission

It is hoped that all attendees will run an event. Be it a board game, a card game, a role-playing game, or just a contest of some kind. Submit your events over at the BobCon website!

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Ok, sounds great, but who is Bob?

The Bob in BobCon is the one and only Robert Iliff, a gamer known to many not only in the Kansas City board and role-playing game community, but also in gamer circles from San Francisco, California to Louisville, Kentucky. The first BobCon was held in 2004 when Bob's annual gaming trip to Egyptian Campaign fell through. Why travel to a con when you can invite all your friends to one? Check out our History page for more on the storied history of BobCon.