BobCon 2014

Oct 24-26, 2014 in Kansas City, MO, US

You all have the power to travel back in time. You don't know what gives you this ability, but it doesn't matter. You have this power and you're using it. However, now and again tragedies occur where you are deeply involved. Though you have attempted to go back and stop these tragedies, it has become apparent that someone is actively causing them to occur, foiling your efforts to prevent them. But you have found others who can travel as you can, and who are equally dedicated to stopping this mysterious foe. Perhaps if you work together, you can finally put an end to this vicious cycle. Note: This slot is for new players who have not played Tragedy Looper before. It includes a short learning scenario followed by a full game. As the game uses scripted scenarios, once you have played one you cannot play it again (as you will already know the story).
Adults and teens; 3 hours.


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