Character levels 1-20

Written by Aleksie von Disterlo

This campaign will be a long running game set in a homebrew world of my creation. All official books are allowed i.e. xanathars, SCAG, PHB , Volos etc., no unearthed arcana. This will be an RP heavy campaign so have an idea of your characters backstory. Be ready to advance your character to the level the group is currently at. This is a non-evil campaign. Returning players on warhorn have priority, then waitlisted returning players. Then new players signed up on warhorn then new players waitlisted


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Fighter 4 (Striker - Melee)
Wizard ?
Sorcerer 5
Rogue 5 (Striker - Melee)
Ranger 5 (Archer)
Sorcerer 4 (Arcane Caster)