AtomiCon Mini II

Feb 2-4 in Durham, NC, US

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A free Pathfinder and Starfinder Society event held at Atomic Empire.

3400 Westgate Dr.
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 490-7900
Westgate Plaza Shopping Center

Three slots of Pathfinder Society, and a chance to play the Season 5 (aka Year of the Demon) multi-table special Siege of the Diamond City.  This accomodates up to 15th level characters, so dust off your seeker character!  We need a minimum of five tables to make this special happen, so please sign up to play if you are able.  We also have a core table of the special.

AtomiCon Mini II will also feature Starfinder Society scenario 1-05 The First Mandate on Friday 2/2/18.

If you would like to volunteer to GM or request a specific scenario (or that a specific scenario be offered in the Core campaign for PFS) then please contact the event organizer.