AtomiCon Mini I

Oct 7-8 in Durham, NC, US

This event is over.

A free Pathfinder and Starfinder Society event held at Atomic Empire.

3400 Westgate Dr.
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 490-7900
Westgate Plaza Shopping Center

Three slots of Pathfinder Society, and a chance to play the Pathfinder Society multi-table special 8-99 The Solstice Scar before key content changes in January 2018.  When a new version of The Solstice Scar is released you will be able to replay it for credit once again.

AtomiCon Mini will also feature the first two scenarios for Starfinder Society, SFS 1-00 where you play level 4 pregenerated characters, and SFS 1-01 a Confirmation-style replayable scenario.  Regular Starfinder Society play starts at Atomic Empire on Friday 10/13/17 and will continue on most Fridays (check the Atomic Empire warhorn for details or e-mail the event organizer).

If you would like to volunteer to GM or request a specific scenario (or that a specific scenario be offered in the Core campaign for PFS) then please contact the event organizer.