Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
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Character levels 1-16

A year after we did the three tier epic DDEP04 Reclamation of Phlan, and mere months after the epic DDEP06-01 Relics of Khundrukar, we are pleased to bring you the three tier epic DDEP05-02 The Ark of the Mountains!

The flying galleon “Thunderbound” descends on Beregost, unleashing the wrath of the cloud giants! To save the town from annihilation, heroes from far and wide must awaken the lost machine entombed under Durlag’s Tower.

Dare you board the Ark of the Mountains, and do battle in the burning skies?

Fei Chen the world renown traveling merchant will also be making an appearance, for those adventurers brave enough to take on the Ark.

Early Registration will be open until August 11th.

Early Day Passes will be $7.00

Early Single Session Plays will be $5.00

After this date, online pay will shut down, and payment at Atomic Empire will be the only method of payment.

Prices on the day of at Atomic Empire.

Day Passes will be $10.00

Single Session Plays will be $8.00

All DM's will recieve a Free Day Pass for DM'ing one session, and will recieve a reward for each session they DM.


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