Appalachian PFS

Asheville, NC, US

Core Campaign Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society
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Character levels 1-5

Written by Jerall Toi

In the distant land of Tian Xia, the Pathfinder Society's Lantern Lodge sends a team of agents high into the mountains of the Wall of Heaven to an abandoned Iroran monastery in search of a powerful relic to assist them in ensure victory in the upcoming Ruby Phoenix Tournament. Though the monastery has long laid unused by the faithful of the Master of Masters, it is not completely devoid of danger, and the PCs soon discover that merely retrieving the ancient artifact is but the beginning of a much larger quest.

"The Edge of Heaven" is the first scenario in the three-part The Quest for Perfection campaign arc. It is followed by Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-11: "On Hostile Waters" and Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-13: "Defenders of Nesting Swallow." All three scenarios are intended to be played in order.

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