23-25 Sep in Canberra, ACT, AU

This event is over.

Welcome to the ANU Role-playing Society's FAMCON Signups!

Playing at FAMCON is free, though your attendance will need to be recorded by your Dungeon Master.

Before you sign up, you may want to look at our Constitution and Bylaws, available here. Much of it is common sense, but they apply to everyone attending events at the Society, so it's important to know the sections relevant to you!

Click on event schedule (at left) to see which games are available. Please try to be 15 minutes early for your sessions, so we have enough time to organise tables and get started. The games are being run in various rooms around the Copland courtyard, and the meeting point before each game will be in Copland G031.

If you are thinking of coming but can't figure out how to sign up, email

If you would like to become a member of ANURPS, it's free. Ask the Dungeon Master of your session if you want to be a member. To sign up for our regular Games Days, you can register here: 

You can view a more easily followed summary of the schedule here. Similar shades indicate the same season of content, whilst continued exact colours indicate direct story continuity.