A Queen City Holiday (2017)

Dec 15-17 in Cincinnati, OH, US
The Queen City Lodge will be doing a small holiday con to celebrate! The event will be held at Sci-Fi City in Northgate Mall.

The easiest way to access the store is to park behind the Macy's in the parking garage and then use the mall entrance to the right of the Macy's entrance. Sci-Fi City is inside that mall entrance on the left.

Attendees and GM staff are welcome to bring snacks to share with others and celebrate, drinks are sold in the store.

As this is a retail convention, the retail incentive bonuses will be available for players/tables making purchases in the store.

Please note this is a Paizo Organized Play event. Player seats are open, GM seats are currently reserved for GMs that have already been assigned. If you sign up in a GM slot without permission, you will be removed. Thank you!

The address is: 9527 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati 45251