1d4Con 2017

May 5-7, 2017 in Martinsburg, WV, US

Come be that which goes bump in the night! Lost Chronicles is a national network of open-sandbox LARPs set in the classic World of Darkness in which Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Ghosts and a myriad of other supernaturals are present and available as characters to play. Meet our staff and discuss character ideas, build a character for this weekend’s games, explore the setting, and learn about the out-of-character aspects that go into running or playing in a LARP. Also learn about other games in the area and online venues where you can continue to develop your character and engage in the horror setting past this weekend.

STs: Rachel R. & Jason R.

Length: 4 Hours

Time Period: 21st Century (Modern Day)
Theme(s): Drama/Suspense, Horror, Supernatural/Paranormal/Mythos

No Experience Necessary. This game is beginner friendly. Characters will be made at this LARP Workshop and players can bring their own.

Rated: Teen (13 to 17 yrs old)


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