Convention calendar

Dates Title Location
Aug 23 Helping A new player learn Adelaide, SA, AU
Aug 23-26 Con Voyage At Sea - Carnival Spirit, NSW, AU
Aug 24 AlderCon Farnham, SRY, GB
Aug 24 PFS1 5-11: Library of the Lion Springfield, VT, US
Aug 24 Triangle Epic Game Day VII: Last Orders at the Yawning Portal Durham, NC, US
Aug 24-25 Extra Life Orange County Table Top Appreciation Weekend Irvine, CA, US
Aug 24-25 Shadowcon 2019 Northfields, London W13 9SS, LND, GB
Aug 25 Asheville Historical Wargames Monthly Gaming Day Asheville, NC, US
Aug 25 Fall of Plaguestone part 1 Ottawa, ON, CA
Aug 25 The Challenge Two: Release The Kraken Harrisburg, PA, US
Aug 27 Bose's Tuesday Evening PFS Online
Aug 29 - Sep 2 AB-Con Autumn 2019 Aschaffenburg, BY, DE
Aug 29 - Sep 2 DragonCon Judge Rodeo 2019 Atlanta, GA, US
Aug 30 - Sep 1 ArghCON II Online
Aug 30 - Sep 1 Gateway to Golarion 4 Kutztown, PA, US
Aug 30 - Sep 1 Grand Con 2019 Grand Rapids, MI, US
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Gateway 2019 Los Angeles, CA, US
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Organized Play Foundation at Gateway 2019 Los Angeles, CA, US
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Pacificon PFS/SFS/D&D-AL Santa Clara, CA, US
Aug 30 - Sep 2 PAX West 2019 DDAL Seattle, WA, US
Aug 31 D&D with Tea Lakeland, FL, US
Aug 31 Masks: The New Generation at Red Dragon Games Ottawa, ON, CA
Aug 31 NOVA Open Mulmaster Undone Epic Arlington, VA, US
Aug 31 Pathfinder 2e at Red Dragon Games: Eyes of Stone Ottawa, ON, CA
Sep 1 Pathfinder 2e at Red Dragon Gaming: Fear in the Forest Ottawa, ON, CA
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