Convention calendar

Dates Title Location
Aug 15 Indy by Night Kick-Off Indianapolis, IN, US
Aug 17 Playtest a New Boardgame about to be released Beckley, WV, US
Aug 17-19 Squirrel Con Fresno, CA, US
Aug 18 Adventurers League: Changing Places Southampton, STH, GB
Aug 18 Games and Comics Pair'O'Dice Summer 2018 Epic Game Day Fairfax, VA, US
Aug 18 Shadow of the Demon Lord Game Day (3 Sessions) - THE REDOUBT pasadena, CA, US
Aug 18-19 Congress of Gamers D&D Adventurer's League Falls Church, VA, US
Aug 18-19 Midsummer Rennaissance Faire Adventure League WKND 3 Bonney Lake, WA, US
Aug 19 Drums of the Dead D&D AL Epic at Fantasy Flight Game Center Roseville, MN, US
Aug 19 RISE 4 Chelmsford, ESS, GB
Aug 19 RPGKC Sunday Game Day Independence, MO, US
Aug 24-26 Dragonflight AL 2018 Bellevue, WA, US
Aug 24-26 Geekkon 12 Madison, WI, US
Aug 24-26 MegaMooseCon 2018 Richburg, SC, US
Aug 24-27 Saving Throw II Online
Aug 25 August Game of the Atlanta Shoggoth Appreciation Society Atlanta, GA, US
Aug 25 X-wing 1.0 Store Wars (Colorado) Littleton, CO, US
Aug 25-26 ArghCON Online
Aug 25-26 DaveCon 2187 University Park Drive, Okemos, MI, US
Aug 25-26 Shadowcon UK 2018 Northfields, London, LND, GB
Aug 25-26 The 24 Hour Gamer Showdown! (presented by VKG Media) Aurora, CO, US
Aug 30 - Sep 2 (Deleted) Toronto, ON, CA
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Fan Expo 2018 Toronto, ON, CA
Aug 30 - Sep 3 Dragoncon 2018 Pre and Post con events Atlanta, GA, US
Aug 31 - Sep 2 Gateway to Golorian III Kutztown, PA, US
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