Character levels 3-6

Written by Thilo Graf


The pathfinders journey to the island of Bhopan for the first time in over four centuries! On the forested island where founding pathfinder Selmius Foster met his demise, the PCs meet the fey-descended Bhopanese people. Not all diplomatic negotiations take place in a stuffy meeting hall, however. In order to navigate the complex, fey-influenced customs of the Bhopanese court and establish a relationship with the rulers of Bhopan, the PCs must find their way through a masquerade ball filled with complex dance steps and hidden agendas.

Opal of Bhopan is the first adventure in the two-part series, The Perennial Crown

Released March 2020.

PFS2 1-16: The Perennial Crown, Part 1: Opal of Bhopan cover art