Character levels 11-16

Written by Phil Cole


While the heroes known as Vox Machina have been walking the planes building trammels and gaining the favor of the gods Vecna’s minions have been busy in Emon. A sleeper agent known as Dyson Brant gathered up the city’s adventurers and took his shot at murdering them all. After being rebuffed the city spent weeks sorting out the loyalties of its own defenders and attempting to bring Vecna’s agents to justice. This culminated in the trial of Jarvik, another sleeper agent who was brought to justice and then targeted for execution. In the chaos surrounding Vecna’s assault on Vassalheim Dyson has reappeared in Emon with an airship retrofitted for war and has been bombarding the city. Thanks to Emon’s defenders a way has been established to assault the airship directly. That assault is up to the players and it’s happening now.

LT 1-20 The Highest of Seas cover art