Superior event management for gamers

Warhorn helps gamers organize and sign up for gaming events. Folks use it for events of all sizes, from small home games to weekly organized play events hosted by game stores to regional and national conventions.

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Warhorn helps gamers organize and sign up for gaming events of all sizes. Warhorn is also a great way to find games in your area.

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Event organizers

Publish your game schedule and allow your attendees to register for the event and sign up for games online weeks or months before setting foot in the event venue. Export registration data from Warhorn into your favorite spreadsheet program to pre-arrange table assignments and print schedules and tickets. Process registration fee payments online with PayPal and leave the money box at home.


By registering for events and signing up for games online, you can guarantee participation in your favorite games and keep tabs on what games your friends are playing too. Online registration payments and printable personal schedules reduce on-site bureaucracy and hassle.

Upcoming Conventions
Pathfinder Organized Play at Serenity Games, Seminole FL Seminole, FL, US Feb 4 - Dec 29
D&D dungeon crawls online every Thursday from 2 3pm Online Apr 21, 2020 - Jun 28, 2022
Conclave for Care Workers - Online Online May 22-25
Kublacon 2020 - Adventurers League Burlingame, CA, US May 22-25
Unite the Factions vs. Szass Tam Online May 24-31
PaizoCon Online 2020 Online May 26-31
Columbus Area AL (T2 DDAL 5-04 in Dire Need) Online May 27
Excelsior Online D&D Gameday Online May 30